Dental Practices

The future of dental staffing is here

It’s never been easier to access the staff you need, when you need it. Keep up with vacations, sick days, busy periods and more:

  • Source, select and book staff when you need them!
  • You see only qualified, vetted, interested candidates
  • Instant communication with candidates, individually or simultaneously
  • Mark temps as “favorite” for future opportunities

How it Works

  • Post Temporary or Permanent jobs by title, skill, requirements and rate
  • Pre-screened candidate who match job criteria are notified of the position
  • Candidates indicate interested, not interested or maybe interested
  • You are notified of interested and maybe interested candidates ranked by how closely they match your job criteria. You can answer any questions for the maybe interested candidates.
  • View each candidates profile including resume, certifications and introductory video!
  • Confirm your candidate via the app

Why Ready Job Go?

  • Eliminate employee misclassification to avoid IRS and US Dpt of Labor exposure
  • Choose candidates based on skills or job history
  • Instant communication with all candidates, individually or simultaneously
  • Approve time and pay directly from the app
  • Reduce the costs of direct recruiting, referral and traditional temp agencies
  • SAVE TIME by only seeing matching, available and interested candidates for your job

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